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about Makers Pantry

Bella Karakis

Growing up in a family where food was at the heart of every gathering, our founder, Bella. learned the art of crafting mouthwatering biscotti and cookies from her grandmother’s cherished recipes.


Driven by her culinary creativity and a desire to share her love for gourmet treats with the world, Bella founded Makers Pantry. Her vision was to create a haven for food enthusiasts, offering unique and delectable creations that would elevate any occasion and provide a platform for collaboration with other unique food brands, starting with e.terra Kitchen members and expanding to other local NYC and Tri-State based brands.


At Makers Pantry, each biscotti and cookie is a labor of love, made with the finest ingredients, full of premium nuts, chocolates and dried fruit. Our dedication to quality and innovation led to the creation of an array of flavors that tantalized the taste buds, elevating the classic almond biscotti to unique flavor combinations such as sour cherry pistachio with white chocolate drizzle, maple pecan and dark chocolate dipped apricot /almond.


What Sets Us Apart

What sets Makers Pantry apart is not just the exceptional taste of our products but also their commitment to multi-brand collaboration. We believe in the power of partnerships and seek out like-minded food brands with whom to join forces. This collaboration results in curated gift boxes that are perfect for corporate gifting, showcasing a selection of Makers Pantry’s gourmet treats alongside complementary products from partner brands, especially those who call our sister company, e.terra kitchen their culinary production home.

As word spread about Makers Pantry’s delectable offerings and thoughtful collaborations, the e-commerce website became essential to connect foodies and gift-givers alike with our unique options and brands. 

Today, Makers Pantry, a woman-owned unique food and corporate gifting source’s mission is to spread happiness one biscotti and unique food gift at a time, giving a platform to local brands whose amazing products deserve to be heard and tasted.